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Sunday, 23 October 2011

It’s been a quieter day here at Norbury today.

We haven’t had many boats passing by although we have had some friends up on their ex-working boats to top up with diesel. It’s amazing how many people go out their way and make a detour up the Shroppie just to buy diesel from us! Lucy also came up with The North from Wheaton Aston today for lunch along with a motley crew. They left here about 3.30pm so will hopefully be back for when I get home. Roast Beef tonight supplied by some farming friends in Wheaton Aston. I think there are only seven of us for dinner tonight, although we have catered for fourteen.

Mick and Julian have undocked Ralph’s boat and docked a boat that we have recently sold for pressure washing, blacking and a new set of anodes to be fitted which Graham will attend to tomorrow.

Mick has been on a breakdown to Cut End, nothing serious, just a morse control cable that had broken. It must be the day for cables breaking as when Ralph was manoeuvring his boat out the arm earlier, his broke too!

I’ve had a move round of boats down the arm again today! The arrival of a couple of winter moorers and another long term moorer is imminent.

Simon will be back from London in the morning, so he will keep you posted for the rest of the week.

Until next week.

Have a good road!


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