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Sunday, 30 October 2011

That’s it. British Summer Time has ended and we are in for some dark nights ahead! I was amazed to find that my phone automatically updated itself. It did confuse me a little, but after taking a look at the clock I have on the bulkhead, all became clear!

Bernard got the dayboat ready this morning for the happy crew and I showed it out. They had a brilliant day in glorious sunshine. You just can’t predict what the weather is going to do at the moment. Yesterday we had rain and wind, today we have had sun.

Julian, Bernard and I have docked one of the brokerage boats and also Phantasy as we are now due to start winter maintenance. It’s seems like this year has flown by, so much has happened, lots of water under the bridge. I am sure that next season will go even quicker with more boats – and hopefully as smoothly as this.

Matt has been in for a few hours today to get ahead with the painting of The Arkenstone. Cheryl has been getting on with stock taking. Lorraine has manned the tearoom and Ange has been doing her normal daily tasks, ensuring that she is up-to-date as she is off on holiday for a week.

I’m off home to get some chores done tonight.

Have a good week and speak to you next weekend.

Best regards,


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