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Friday, 28 October 2011


It was an interesting post by Peter with some unusual views and it is nice to see some interesting comments as well, I will keep my thoughts on the subject to myself, I will say that for many years I was a 'continuously cruiser' for most of the time I played by the rules however I did take advantage of the very slack BWB attitude in the winter and definitely overstayed on short stay moorings, however that was a long time ago and before it started to become such a big issue as it seems to be now!

I have been out all day today so I cannot really comment on what has been going on back at the fun factory, I have been to a popular spot on the canals to view one of the hire boats that is due to arrive with us shortly and while there I did notice a group of boats that had obviously taken up residence on the towpath side,and had been there for a good while, they are nothing more than dossers that take advantage of loop holes and hide behind 'human rights' these are the people that need taking to task in my opinion, lets see BWB or CART as it will soon be 'cart' them off, then I reckon continuous cruising should not be such an issue!

This is of course my opinion

I am sure that David will post some interesting things about what is going on this weekend at Norbury, so until Monday.


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