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Thursday, 13 October 2011


As from next year there will be some changes in how the canals are being run, for anyone that does not know, the current organisation that looks after the canals is becoming a charitable trust as from next year, it is all to do with funding! So as from next year the old BWB (British waterways board) is going to be renamed the Canal and river trust, CART for short, well I reckon that will just about sum them up! They haven't really done a very good job of running the waterways and waste millions every year so it will be interesting to see how they perform once they loose the government funding.

Back to all things Norbury, Its been a grey, overcast day all day today, no sunshine unfortunately however it has been quite warm considering it is October, as I write the blog it seems to be going dark, maybe its just the grey clouds!

Its been a busy day here today, everyone has been busy on different jobs, Fred has been very quiet, although he has been very busy, blacking a boat, preparing gunwale side and counter bands for painting, its nice when he is busy as he is nice and quiet! Graham has been busy all day with making a new top box for a boat in the dry dock, A top box for those that don't know is a storage box that fits on to the roof of a narrow boat, Bernard has been flitting from one job to another around the yard, David has been out side most of the day on different jobs that have needed sorting out, Lorraine has been very busy in the tea room and I have been manning the reception and phones which have kept me on my toes all day! we have had 6 shared boats return this afternoon and are now ready for turning around tomorrow so that's about it from me for today so until tomorrow.

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