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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What a contrast!

I awoke this morning to a grey cold, damp, typical autumn morning, what a contrast to last week! When you consider that this time last week I was sat on the back of my boat in glorious sunshine, sat there wearing shorts and a T shirt and now look, I am sat in the office, sweat shirt on and I have only taken my coat off about an hour ago! It has been immensely windy here at Norbury today as well as a bit nippy and grey , moody and cloudy, I have just had a day boater come back in and comment "its like winter out there" There will be some fire lighting when I get home.

Its been a busy day here today, two day boats out first thing which Graham saw off this morning, Bernard came in a bit earlier t remove the tensioner wheels off the digger, then he helped Freddie dock a boat for survey, he then went on to a private boat to sort out its water system, Fred did a couple of jobs around the yard while waiting for the surveyor to finish the job in the dock and then he and Bernard went and undocked that boat and put another one on for blacking which Fred duly pressure washed off, the day boats returned without issue and Bernard engineered them ready for tomorrow, Carolyn has been kept busy in the Tea room all day while David has been up to is eyeballs in checking hire boat prices for next year and finalising the 2012 hire boat brochure that I have made some changes to, I too have been busy all day which is nice as it has made the day fly by!

That's it from me for today

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