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Saturday, 8 October 2011

well i laughed till i cried

hi all, we have quite a busy day here at norbury. we had only phoenix return to us this morning with regular customers who a real nice time down on the staffs and worcester canal, we then turned the boat around and it has gone out today along with 4 other hire boats this afternoon. we also had 2 day boats go out this morning that ralph showed out and we have had 1 shared ownership boat go out. amy and cheryl have been busy cleaning today, amy cleaned wharf cottage ready for wednesday when the customers who are having their boat blacked will be staying in there. fred has been up to his usual tricks, pumping out the boats and serving diesel on the wharf and bernard has done an engine service, talking of bernard i've got something funny to tell you in a minute.we have also had a steady flow of customers through the tea room which has kepy carolyn busy.
i went out to check the boats this afternoon and had to climb over the back rail on python as the next boat was too far away for me to walk down the gunnells and got stuck over the tiller bar. it was too high for me to swing my leg over the tiller, amy was in the boat cleaning it and i shouted to her to come and help me, she took one look at me and doubled over laughing, so i had to struggle to get the tiller pin out as it was behind me and then remove the handle so that i could get off the damn thing.
as the title suggests, i came out of the tea room door to take the rubbish and bernard was walking across the car park looking as though he was playing the spoons with his spanners. he has a small tear on the leg of his overalls and as he wasn't looking where he was going he walked into the small tap by the slipway and caught the tear on the tap, needless to say he has a very big tear now. his face was a picture, i "laughed til i cried", i was still laughing when i got home and doing my best not to laugh now as i write this blog.
well that's it from me for now, till next time....... byeeeee, ange.

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