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Monday, 24 October 2011


As you know I have been down in London for a few days and I have to say that the weather has yet again been stunning as it is today, I think we are very lucky this year with this later good weather that we are having, long may it continue! Norbury is a bit different to London in terms of people, London was heaving, everywhere we went was packed so it is funny coming back in to work this morning as the place seems almost like a ghost town, it hasn't however been quiet today and we have seen a lot of boats passing through and the wharf has been busy, at one point we had boats querying up for services, that has kept David busy, as well as the wharf being busy we have had a day boat go out with the occupants of our holiday cottage, so while it might not be at the 'London' pace of things its none the less kept us all on the go today!

Mick is off this week so today we are a few people down today, Angela is off and so is Bernard and Fred, We do have Matt in and he is busy on preparation of the full paint job in the dock, Graham is also in and he is busy with making a new diesel tank for a boat that we are fitting a new central heating system on and Julian has blacked a boat in the dry dock.

The new brochure has been well received by folks and ALL of the first copies have gone, well done to David for making a good job of it, there are some more pictures to go in to it but they will be inserted once the new boats have arrived, the new boats have not yet been included on to the websites but that is all in hand and they should appear by the weekend (hopefully)

We might start to skip a couple of days with the blog over this winter as I don't reckon there will be too much to write, once we get stuck in to the winter maintenance it will be very repetitive, but if there is anything of real interest to report then we will do so.

That's it from me for today

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