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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

180 miles and what a difference

I have been away for the last week down on the South coast and the weather was amazing to say the least we had temperatures over 30 degrees at times, now I have come back to Staffordshire which is 180 miles away it has gone much colder, now is that because we are so much further North and we suffer from lower temperatures or has it gone colder down in the South as well? What ever the reason I know what I prefer, I awoke this morning to a lovely sunny morning, chilly, plenty of dew and mist hanging in the air, it was a lovely and fresh morning.

I have had a busy day as you can imagine, catching up with last weeks goings on, although David is off today so I have had to rely on an email from him keeping me up to speed, Angela has been busy with the 'end of month' stuff, Cheryl has been quite busy down in the tea room, I have kept Fred busy with lots of different jobs around the place, blacking, painting a gas locker to mention a few, Bernard has been on a private boat with a water supply problem, fitting anodes and removing the tensioner wheels of the mini digger that Steve has been using on the moorings, The digger has done well as I have owned it for two years ans it was old and worn when I bought it so I reckon it has lasted well, it will probably just about finish the moorings off before it finally gives up the ghost, I hope it does! Matt has cracked on today and is now making good progress with the paint job, so that looks like it is back on track.

That's it from me today.

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