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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

multi tasking

hi everyone, there isn't really that much news from norbury today. it has been quite busy in the shop and the tea room and as the title suggests, that is what i have been doing. cheryl has been cleaning the lads mess room today and it really was a mess, how they can eat their lunch in there is beyond belief, they never clean up after themselves and simon and david thought it a good idea for one of us "girlies" to clean it for them and they would take the hint, never in a month of sundays, it will be just as bad again in no time, as my mum always says it makes you wonder what their houses are like, probably spotless as they have their WAG'S to look after them. i had a lovely coversation with a lady in the tea room today (while the phone was ringing it's head off and i was in the shop on my own), but she was so sweet i couldn't ignore her. she asked me whether our canal painted ware was done locally and i assured her that it was as the gentleman that bought my boat from me 4 years ago did it for us, and what a good job he does, keep up the good work tim, customers like what you do. well that's that it from me today, i am multi tasking as i write this blog, cooking a birthday meal for mark my hubby, everything is almost done so i am going to plate up and enjoy, till next time byeeeee, ange.

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