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Monday, 3 October 2011

i have had davids permission to write this blog honest

hi all, i haven't been at norbury today as i have been on a day off so i have no idea what's been going on, so i'll tell you about my day. i do like to have a lie in on my day off but not today, i had to be up usual time as someone was coming to service my central heating boiler at 8.30 :(
he turned up at 1.30 and then proceeded to have his lunch first. dylan was not happy knowing that there was someone lurking outside on his property, he drove me round the bend, he ate that many biscuits to keep him quiet but it didn't work cos he still barked with the biscuits in his mouth, lol, bad lad dyl.
i popped down to the shop while this guy was there and he said this would be fine as long as the dog couldn't get to him, grrrrrrrrrr. wouldn't hurt a fly.
when i eventually got rid of this guy i went to play golf, yaaaaaaaaaaay, get practising peter, there's a fiver on it.
it was absolutley glorious but so windy, we teed off on the first hole and didn't even need to push our trolleys down the fairway, the wind took them (mine is electric tho, he he).
i hit the flippin flag on the par 4 4th again with my 3rd shot and no it didn't go in again.
what a good game we were having, got to the 8th hole and the sun went in and it went dark, no way could we have played 18 holes and this was only 6 o'clock :(
mark's callout phone went off as were walking up the 9th, fire alarms going off, that has now put paid to anymore golf tonight, off to work he goes.
i cleaned the house from top to bottom waiting for the central heating guy to turn up this morning and we have had an indian takeaway for tea tonight and dylan is now walking round the kitchen with a huge poppodum in his mouth looking for his usual place to eat it which is on the settee, no way dyl, bad lad.
that's it from me, hopefully speak again soon, ange.

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