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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Not enough hours

Sorry for not posting a blog yesterday, there was just not enough hours in the day yesterday to get everything done, I had to go out yesterday afternoon to drop off the new hire brochure to the printers so we can get them printed by the end of this week, we have a backlog of customers awaiting them so they can choose a holiday for next year, trouble is while I was out I had a puncture, I popped in to Kwik fit to get it repaired only to find that my wheel was cracked, by the time I got back in to the office it was time to lock up and head home, once home I had too much to do to write the blog!

It was a very busy day yesterday with customers as well as all of the other stuff that we do,I thought that it was going to be a quite day but how wrong was I!

Today has started off really sunny but incredibly cold, I suppose it doesn't help that I have the onset of a cold! David was right about needing a heater in the office, that's now been done so at least my bum is nice and warm now. Its hard to believe that only a couple of weeks ago I was sunning my self in temperatures close to 30 degrees and swimming in the sea down on the south coast, all good things come to an end.

We are still busy with all of the private work that we have on the go at the moment, this is keeping all of the lads busy and we are just about to get busier as from this weekend we start to see the new hire boats that are arriving here for us to operate next year, its going to be a busy year I reckon, It has been quieter in the office today which has afforded me some time to catch up a little, I am having a short week this week as I am off to London on business on Friday so I really need to catch up before hand.

As I said, the lads are all busy, Mick is on several jobs, fitting an air duct on to an air cooled engine, he has finished off all of the outstanding jobs on the boat that Matt has painted, Bernard has been engine servicing all day and he will be doing the same tomorrow as there is a bit of a back log in that department at the moment, Graham is off today and Fred is off all week, Matt is preparing yet another boat for painting and Steve is cracking on really well with the moorings, he really needs to get them finished as we are now officially full to the brim with moored boats, I don't even think that there is room to squeeze in a 'little un' we could now do with a marina!

That's is pretty much it from me for today, I am off home now to a roaring fire to try and get warm.


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