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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wind and bowthrusters!

I wish this wind would subside as it plays havoc with the chairs and dustbins on the wharf not to mention the constant slamming of the office door when it is not shut properly, It has been another grey day today here on the wharf, not particularly cold and not wet but just windy again, it is in this weather that you really feel the benefit of having a bow thruster, it is a controversial subject and one where I used to be opposed to them as I though that you should be able to manage without them, in some respects the same as we could all manage without power steering in a car (do you remember them days?) Well I have changed my opinion of them since my own boat has got one and while I don't use it frequently I am so glad to have the option of using it as and when the wind blows just when you are coming in to moor up or the wind is blowing you on to a mooring when you are trying hard to get off, on days like these I would rather have a bow thruster than not and I am sure that most boaters would agree; If I were to have a new boat built now and to my specifications then not only would I have a bow thruster but a stern thruster too, I have seen a boat in action with both and it makes handling so simple!

As usual the lads have been busy, Mick is back of his holiday and has got stuck in to quite a few outstanding jobs on boats that we have in at the moment, He has serviced a very good customers diesel heater, he has been sorting out someones electrics which are playing up, he has refitted a rudder on a boat and is now deep in the engine room of another boat doing some air ducting and wiring, Fred has had it easy today, he blacked a boat first thing and has been cleaning out an engine room on a brokerage boat, he has also been rescuing bin lids, chairs and table that have blown across the wharf today, and as usual he has been serving diesel on the wharf as well as the odd pump out, Funnily enough and despite the wind, the tea room has kept both Angela and Cheryl busy today, Matt is up to his neck in paint in the wet dock and that leaves me, as always I am busy, but I don't have anything interesting to say about what I do!

That's about it from me for today so until tomorrow.

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