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Friday, 7 October 2011

Short week

I like having an extra day at the end of my holiday as it makes the next week go quickly, well this week has really flown by, its ten to five and nearly time to head off home, no rest for the wicked though as I will be up early in the morning to take Beks off to collect another boat that is coming in to be put on to brokerage.

The day started off very damp indeed, I awoke this morning to pouring rain, I have been suitably informed that it was in fact raining all night long but as the day wore on the weather did change and in between the showers we did have some lovely sun, I had to go out today and at one point I thought that I had been transported back in time to last week as the sun was streamng through the windscreen and I almost put the air con on it was that warm, short lived though as soon as I returned to Norbury then the rain came back, Its dry now as I speak and the sun is shining so it will be a nice drive home.

It hasn't been over busy today as we have only had three shared boats to turnaround and one motor home, they all got completed without issue, the motor home was collected this afternoon for its mammoth drive over to Poland, the hirers are taking it over there to watch and support their daughter who competes in cross country push bike racing of all things, Bernard has been busying him self with the fleet boats and sorting out a brokerage boat that is being docked for survey on Sunday, Graham has finished the new rear door and hatch, what a cracking job he has made of it, I would think that the owners will be pleased, he then went and finished off tidying up the cabin re fit job that he has been, Fred has been up to his usual tricks around the yard, pumping boats out and blacking, and that's about it for another week.

So over to David to keep you entertained until my return next week, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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