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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Been a bit of a day

Well if nothing else the weather now is nice! Its been one of then sort of days today where if it could go wrong then it probably did, The day started off when I awoke this morning on a mattress on the floor in my bedroom, I made the mistake of deciding to buy a new bed which as yet I haven't had time to do, but I have sold my old bed (it was a rather nice four poster) me thinking in a simplistic manner thought that the spare room would do for now, how wrong was I, forgetting that I am 6'5" tall and the spare bed is only the same length made for an uncomfortable night, hence the old mattress on the floor, I should have known this morning that today was going to be a nightmare!
The sun was however shining and my drive to work was a pleasant one, the weather has been on and off all day, sun one minute and showers the next, but at least no wind, Graham saw one day boat off and I saw the other one off as I knew the folks on it, Fred and Bernard docked a leaky boat that needed looking at but while doing that we had a call from the people on Python saying that the engine would not 'rev' up, so I dispatched Bernard to lock 40 on the Staffs and Worcs to attend the boat, about three quarters of an hour after he had gone he rang in to say that the boat was no where to be seen, we rang the customers only to find they were at bridge 40 and not lock 40, the difference being about 20 miles, it was my fault I had given Bernard the wrong information, I should have stayed in bed, if I had one, the day just seemed to get worse and worse with many small niggly problems, non stop phone calls and computers that just wouldnt do what they were suopposed to.

So I am off home, until tomorrow

PS. I also made the mistake of selling my three piece suite before buying a new one, so I am now sitting on the floor until I get a new one, I think there is a pattern forming here!!

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