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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

ANOTHER sunny day!

It is getting harder at this time of year to get out of bed when it is dark and of course it seems even darker until the clocks change this coming weekend, so don't forget folks, the clocks go back an hour on Sunday! it will still be a bit on the dark side however and when you are tucked up in a nice warm bed it is even harder still, just wait until the snow arrives, But that could be a long way off and judging by this incredible weather we are having, the sun has been shining yet again today and looooooong may it continue!

Thanks to Ange for writing the blog yesterday, and while she was making Marks tea! she really does know how to multitask, she does it very well at work too!

Its been a nice busy week so far but I guess that the kids holidays have helped that along as well as this wonderful weather, no day boats out today but we have had a hire boat go out for a few days, the lads undocked a boat today and promptly docked another one, Freddie then pressure washed it down, Bernard set to on servicing the engine while Graham welded a new set of sacrificial anodes on to the hull, Mags returned with a couple of small problems on her boat today, you will remember her boat (calm down) the one that has just been painted, she thought that the engine wasn't charging but all was fine so off she went again, a happy lady!

That's it from me for today.

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