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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Down the "big smoke"

Its funny to think of London as the "big smoke" as it was often referred to by many people and some boatmen, it was labeled as such since the late 19Th century, and applied in particular to the Great smog of 1952, You cant imagine London being covered in a 'Great smog' Well I hope it isn't this weekend as I am venturing down there, No doubt when I am there I will have a mooch around some of the canals (as you do) and maybe a trip along the Thames, this is of course a working weekend of research!!

I hope the weather over the weekend stays like it has been here today, it has been glorious, very cold this morning on my way in to work but the sun has been shining all day.

Its been a busier day today and we have seen quite a few boats passing, I don't usually notice many hire boats yet I have seen a few today. we have had a few boats in on the wharf for services of which David has taken care of, David has been outside most of the day moving boats around as we are now starting to fill up, once the hire boats have slowed down and the shared boats start to filter back in we fill up very quickly and then we have to shuffle all of the boats around to make so space for everyone, its a bit like a puzzle at times, wondering what boat will fit in to what space etc, Bernard has been busy all day again doing engine servicing, we do seem to have done a lot of engine servicing this year and its funny as Bernard commented on that fact as well and he never usually mentions the work load! Graham has been busy with making a new diesel tank for a central heating system and also making new deck boards for a boat, Poor old Matt was not feeling well today and his sander packed up so I suggested that he called it a day, I think he was very happy with that outcome! Fred has been off all week and he returns tomorrow so I suspect he will be grumpy in the morning, he has an easy day tomorrow, only a few pump outs to do, so if you are reading this Fred, don't worry you've got a nice easy day!

That's it from me for today and this week in fact, David will no doubt be writing up the blog and keeping you up to speed with the happenings over the weekend, so until Monday, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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