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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Windy or what

This wind plays havoc when you are boating maybe that explains why we have seen no boats moving today, I see from the weather reports today that Scotland have had gusts of up to 150MPH I really hope it doesn't start to blow like that down here, It has been blowing bad enough today!

Is it me or does it seem really dark in the morning and it doesn't seem to get much brighter throughout the day and come about three o'clock it goes dark again, I know we shouldn't wish our lives away but roll on spring time when the nights start drawing out, not many days left now until the shortest day!

Its been a very quiet day today, virtually no one around, we have all been busy though, the lads sorting jobs on the wharf, and my two uncles and my dad in the holiday cottage sorting out the central heating, it has been steadily getting worse for the last couple of years so they have come to sort it out and it looks like they have done it, a simple case of flushing the system through and fitting a pressure vessel and hey presto, a cottage that now gets really hot!

I might not be around tomorrow to do the blog as I have to gown down the smoke to look at a boat so if I don't make it back in time I hope you all have a pleasant weekend, I hope the snow that they have forecast stays away and I hope you don't all get blown away with the wind.

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