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Saturday, 17 December 2011


I went to visit some friends in Penkridge on my way home last night. By the time I headed back onto the A5 it had dropped below freezing and upon arriving home the cabin top of the boat was frozen solid. Listening to the weather forecast and looking at the weather conditions I feared the worst for traveling this morning, but I was quite surprised when I awoke to rain pitter pattering on the cabin top. When I took Annie out for a walk I soon realized that the temperature hadn’t actually risen that much and although it was raining, the roads still had a thin skim of ice on them. I got to work without a hitch although one corner between Gnosall and Norbury was a bit hair raising. As the other staff arrived this morning they all had stories to tell about sliding in the ice. Poor Ange did a nice pirouette in the village and Graham virtually went straight on into the field by the church. Bernard had actually driven through several inches of snow to get here and Fred thought that his tyres need more air in because he couldn’t keep control!

It has snowed a couple of times during the day, but it’s not too bad at the moment. Let’s hope it warms up a bit…

Fred and I undocked Monarch this morning and docked Sovereign Lady for her annual inspection and blacking. I was a bit unfortunate whilst we were moving boats around and managed to get a rope caught in the blades (propeller). I really don’t know how I did it and it was the first time ever! It just shows how easy it can happen. Fred was the only one to see it happen and yes, I did have my tail between my legs. I subsequently had to suffer putting my hands into icy cold water to get it off again. All I could think is “trainee”. Just shows that we can all make mistakes (occasionally!). I personally blame the rope, but I won’t make any long-winded excuses as it was my fault!

Fred has subsequently pressure washed Sovereign Lady. Bernard has drained the dayboats down and has been servicing the engine on Monarch. Mick has drained the motorhomes down and plugged them in to keep the batteries topped up and the cabins aired with the heaters on low. And Graham has been making yet more deckboards and has also fitted Pippin up in the dock. Lorraine has manned the tearoom and has been cleaning in the cottage. Ange has been making curtains for Pippin and doing office work.

Let’s hope the driving conditions are a bit better tomorrow morning.

All the best.


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