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Friday, 16 December 2011

Cranes, waggons and boats

High winds and heavy snow were forecast over night last night, so I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning and peered out of the porthole to find it drizzling with rain. I must say that I was somewhat relieved! By the time I was just a few miles from Norbury the snow had started to fall and upon arriving at Norbury it was white over. I'm pleased to say that it seemed to disappear as quick as it came, but it has now turned bitterly cold. Let's hope that we are as lucky tonight...

There seems to have been a hive of activity here at Norbury today. Everything always seems to happen at once! By the time the flat bed arctic and crane arrived; to transport the 57 foot boat that we have had on hard standing here for sometime, to her new home near Blythe Bridge, the diesel tanker, gas waggon and septic tank waggon also arrived, which caused what you could call "organised chaos"! I am sure that it gave the spectators across on the towpath something to talk about in the pub tonight...

Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of us craning as Fred and I were hanging on to a rope attached to each end of the boat respectively, but I did manage to get one once it was loaded, so here you go.

Graham has been manufacturing deck boards and tidying up some tatty edged ones along with welding the stem post up on Monarch. Unfortunately the hire boats do suffer some knocks and bangs throughout the season. Although the stem posts (that's the very front of the boat where the side plates meet) are of robust design they can split if they hit a stationary object; such as a cill in a lock, hard enough and at the wrong angle.

Fred has blacked Monarch, helped me with craning and been doing his normal duties around the yard, whilst Bernard has been servicing Phantom's engine. He has done quite alot of work on her. The engine is the easiest to get to, so if you have been around the yard in the last couple of days you may have heard him chuntering whilst he folds himself up to get to the engine.

Mick has been carrying on with the gas certificates for the boats and completing some work on Princess attributed to the Boat Safety Certificate.

Ange has been busying herself with making curtains and Lorraine has been doing some cleaning on the boats and around the yard.

Have a good evening and I'll catch you tomorrow.

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