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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Vile day!

What a horrible day today has been, its been wet, windy and cold, a direct contrast to yesterdays wonderful weather here at Norbury, I thought as I sat in the office that we would be dead quiet today and to be honest it has been quietish , however we did sell a boat so things are not all that bad!

We have seen a few people in today to get essential supplies like diesel and coal and quite a few people looking at the boats that we currently have for sale, some of the lads have been in today, Bernard has been finishing off the fitting of a new gearbox and engine servicing, Fred has pretty much been varnishing all day on different boats while Matt has been painting in the warmth of the wet dock, Cheryl has been in looking after the tea room although given the poor weather today she hasn't seen too many customers which has given her chance to get the floor painted in the chandlery, we have had a change around again in the chandlery and I dont know how we manage it but we have more room and more shelf space and we got rid of a section of shelving, it doesn't make sense other than we are becoming more efficient in how we are displaying our stock, new year is fast approaching and just to remind you that we are only closed on new years day and we have changed our opening times for the days leading up to and just after so check out our website for the opening times.

That's it from me for yet another day.

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