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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

The title could be the title of a Christmas hit single? but I think it represents what it has been like on the wharf today, Everyone must be out doing their Christmas shopping as it has been dead around Norbury today, one boat on the wharf for diesel and a hand full of people in for diesel and coal and that's about the lot, Even Angela has been quiet, at one stage I had to nudge her as her snoring was keeping me awake......................................................................only kidding, I wasn't asleep!

All of the lads have been busy today, Fred blacking, Bernard engine servicing, Mick doing gas tests, some plumbing and looking at one of our very good customers poorly gas cookers on his boat(its terminal) and Matt has been cracking on with touching up the paint work on Phantasy and Quartz in the wet dock, Cheryl and Julian are on their way back to us with yet another boat that is to go up for sale and I have been catching up on paperwork, advertising and many other jobs besides, I sometimes wonder when we are busy how on earth do we manage to get everything done and dusted in our day as even when it is quiet like it is now we still only manage to get everything done!

Anyway that's it from me for today, sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, I was out delivering Julian and Cheryl but I will try my hardest tomorrow to muster up some interesting stuff.

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