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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bloody cold!

It is sometimes difficult to convey in words a scene that you see everyday and maybe take for granted, it is even harder when the person reading the description might have never seen the place before, I say this as this blog is read by a wide audience and I wish that had the time to put photos on when ever I see something outstanding.

Today started with me reluctantly peeling back the curtains to an amazing scene, I really did think it had snowed again, although I only live six miles away and we did not escape the snow like Norbury did so this morning it was a wintery scene that covered the land scape, my drive to work was like driving through an avenue of snow covered trees, the hedgerows were were like icing covered cakes and the roads were like ice rinks! the road in to Norbury was particularly bad and I seemed to skate my way in to work, upon arrival the locks were frozen solid and it took several minutes of a lighter flame on them to make them free up, as the day wore on the temperature just about made it up to 0 degrees, (the lowest temperature here last night was -12) I had to go out this afternoon and the trees were still heavily laden with ice and the hedgerows were still like icing sugar cover cakes, as I was driving back along the main road from Newport some four miles away the scene over the fields was like something out of a fairy tale, in the distance across the open fields stood a completely white covered village surrounded by green fields that were not covered in frost or snow, Norbury stands a little higher than the surrounding area so it is a bit more exposed and as such it feels the extremes in the weather, It looked stunning I just wish that I had a camera to snap the scene, The temperatures are set to plummet again tonight so if you are out and about take care, if you are on a boat get that fire stoaked right up, I know that as soon as I get home I will be turning the central heating up, lighting a roaring fire and locking Jack frost out for the night.

Until tomorrow

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