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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


To say that it is bracing is somewhat of an understatement, i thought yesterday was cold but today is even colder, we are lucky in as much as the sun has been shining all day and apart from the bitter cold it has been a stunning day here at Norbury, the temperature over night dropped down to around minus six yet there didn't seem much frost around on my way in to work this morning, the boats however had a hard frost covering them, the canal has no ice on it apart from the sheltered parts like our slip way, the sun has been shining all day which had melted the frost by around ten this morning, I just hope that the temperatures pick up by the weekend or we might have to consider draining the boats down!

It has been a very quiet day today, there doesn't seem to be much pattern at the moment, last week we were very busy and yet this week is the opposite and is very quiet, the lads on the other hand have been busy today, Fred, Simon and Bernard have docked Sphinx today for its winter hull maintenance, Fred has pressure washed it, David will ultrasound the hull tomorrow to see if it needs any plating, Bernard has been on all sorts of things, mainly in engine rooms, Simon is still getting to know his way around the place, Arron has been concreting mooring spikes and rings in on the new moorings which are looking excellent, another few weeks and they will be finished, just a new electric point to install and the water, Matt has been painting Reflection and that is ready now to come out of the dock, Micky is on his gas refresher course in Wales,Angela has been doing paperwork while Lorraine has been out cleaning boats, and that about sums up the activity for today.

David is back in tomorrow and we will all be working hard to finalise the new Norbury news letter and the contacts that want to receive it and this week we have a couple of boats due to go out so we will be a bit busier come Friday and Saturday.

That's it from me for today, I'm off home to put my feet up by a roaring fire and thaw my hands out, I hope you all stay warm.

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  1. Don`t worry Simon it will soon be Spring!

    David Tomsett