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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dither dither dither!

The title says it all really, Good God its been a cold day, even though the temperatures are above freezing it has seemed colder than when the temperatures were in the minus figures, I have just come in from a very quick spell outside and I can hardly feel my hands, roll on home time and a roaring fire, hot shower and some hot food!

Its been a bit busier today, we even had a queue of boats on the wharf this morning for services, I reckon that folks are gearing up for a cold spell, Bernard has been complaining about the cold today and to be fair so has mick, and Fred, Fred has had a nice steady day today, a bit of blacking before his breakfast, humped a few tons of coal (I do try to keep him active so that he doesn't feel the cold) He has turned a hire boat around ready for its departure on Saturday, Bernard has been on and off several boats today, lagging exhaust, engine servicing, welding a rudder cup, Simon has been thrown in at the deep end (not literally) we have Phantom out at the moment and they have ran it out of diesel so Simon had to go and sort that out, it isn't the easiest of engines to bleed and get going again and it was his first breakdown to go to, Matt has been painting yet another hire boat, he will be sick of them by the time he is finished, only another six to go and then that's it for another year, Micky has been finishing the re wire on Peters boat, that's all done now so he can now crack on with the gas on Pippin when he returns from his gas course on Saturday, I have gone boggle eyed after spending several hours collating email addresses for our new mailing list for the new Norbury news letter and Angela has been quite busy in the tea room as well as collating email addresses and doing all of her paperwork, its amazing just how much paperwork is generated in this job.

That's it from for today, I hope you all stay warm tonight!

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