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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Special offer...

I'm sorry that neither of us blogged yesterday. We were exceedingly busy with one thing or another: I had a meeting in the morning, we pulled a Springer up the slipway and rolled her with the help of the Matbro to the hardstanding next to the painting dock where she will be having a new bottom fitted come March. I also had the pleasure of handing the keys for Atlas over to the new owners. They are regular customers here at Norbury and bought their previous boat from us just twelve months ago. They have done alot of work on it and decided to upgrade just before the New Year. I am in the process of advertising her, which will become live on our website tomorrow - so keep your eyes peeled for a real gem...

Whilst we were busy outside, Ange and Lorraine held the fort in the shop and tearoom.

It's been a bit of a quieter day today, which has allowed us to get on with our jobs.

Mick is still ploughing through gas tests, appliance servicing and filling in Landlords certificates, but he has a little bit of a reprieve this afternoon as he is doing the internal checks on one of our shared owned boats. It does get a bit tedious when you are doing the same job day-in-day-out, so I am sure he is glad of the change.

Fred has been painting today down in the dry dock - well prepping, priming and undercoating to be precise! He moans quite a bit about doing it, but I think he enjoys doing it really...

Bernard finished an engine service that he was in the middle of this morning and after lunch we both swapped the boats in the painting dock. Sovereign Lady is now out looking splendid and Debdale has gone in to have a makeover. Here's a picture of Sovereign Lady leaving the dock. Bernard has now started on her winter engine service.

Ange and Lorraine have been occupied in the shop and tearoom for the majority of the day today. We have had a steady stream of customers in the tearoom, obviously much quieter than summer days but nonetheless it's good to see some familiar faces. We are now doing a SPECIAL OFFER on ALL DAY BREAKFASTS for just £5.50 including toast and a cup of tea. Come on down and see Lorraine, she is sure to greet you with a beaming smile and look after you like your royalty! From your warm seat in the tearoom you can view the canal basin here at Norbury through the large glazed double doors leading out onto the seating area on the wharf that can be utilised on finer days... For the more adventurous, don't forget that our dayboats are still available for hire daily from as little as £7.50 per person (conditions apply).

It seems to be turning chiller outside again. I have just been outside and came back in shivering. Lets hope that we are not in for a freeze...

That's it from me today. Until tomorrow.



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