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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

You would not believe it

Its amazing that two days back to back can be so different, Yesterday was glorious all day long, sun all day until it went dark, last night it remained pretty calm until the early hours when the wind got up and the rain started, I awoke to the pitch black, howling wind and pouring rain, the drive to work was in the dark, its funny because the last two weeks have been dead on the roads, I only travel about 6 miles to work and not along main arterial routes but none the less they still have traffic on them, not usually much though but this morning it was one long snake like trail of cars with there lights on all heading towards the towns, I sometimes forget how lucky we are to work out in the sticks and avoid all the traffic! Well the weather has remained grim all day, it did brighten up a bit this afternoon but the temperature dropped, it has been blowing a 'hoolie' all day and the rain has been on and off all day too, A big roaring fire is required and batten down the hatches for later.

Things are back to normal now, I am so glad as the Christmas break really interferes with our winter maintenance and it seems like a massive amount of fuss and upheaval just for a couple of days off! Anyway as I said things are back to normal, Fred and Steve have undocked the two private boats on the dock and put Phantom on for its bottom to be blacked and another couple of jobs at the same time, Mick has been getting wet outside this morning changing an alternator on a shared owned boat and then back to gas checks for the rest of the afternoon, Matt has started on Sovereign Lady's exterior coach work touching up and painting, Angela has been catching up on her outstanding paperwork generated by having a few days off while I have also been catching up on ordering bits for the boats and bits for the yard that could not be ordered because the country goes mad over Christmas and everywhere seems to shut down, we have also seen a few people around looking at boats and we seem to be inundated at the moment with people enquiring about boats that we have for sale, its funny how it goes, it might be dead quiet for a couple of weeks with enquiries ad then everyone wants a boat at the same time, we have also been quite busy with hire bookings today, I suppose that now Christmas is out of the way people are now thinking about their summer holidays.

That's it from me for today, until tomorrow

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