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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Crunch crunch

There was a good frost again last night. As I walked to the car this morning to start the engine so that the windscreen was defrosted enough for me to drive to work, the grass was crunching underneath my feet. It's remained little above freezing today and listening to the weather forecast it sounds like it's going to stay like this for a bit. Hopefully it will kill off some of these colds that seem to be spreading around and dragging on. The weather has certainly confused the bulbs this year. There are crocuses and daffodils just starting to poke their first leaves out of the ground in our flower beds here at Norbury. I am a little concerned that the temperature is going to plummet as only a few of our boats are drained down. If the cut freezes hard for a couple of days, we'll have to put the heating on to stop pipes freezing and subsequently bursting. After a period of about a week, we will then have to drain them down as the cost of gas for the central heating out ways the cost of the labour involved in draining the fleet down. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't last that long!

Ange and Lorraine have looked after the shop today, whilst Joyce has completed the spring clean on Ember. Joyce did have to lend a hand in the kitchen over the busy period at lunchtime, but she has virtually finished cleaning the boat now. I don't seem to have got anywhere fast today! By the time I had finished in a couple of meetings, updated the brokerage adverts, fixed my computer (yet again!), shown a number of customers over the boats for sale, replied to emails and answered the phone the day seems to be over. Hopefully my computer will work efficiently now and I can have a full day infront of it tomorrow...

Mick has been hard at it in Peter's engine room again today, connecting up his new wiring, inverter/charger and fitting a new alternator. Peter sent me this picture not long ago captioned "Mick hard at it and doing a great job" - another happy customer :-)

Well I am sure Simon will keep you updated during the forthcoming week and I look forward to speaking to you next weekend.

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