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Monday, 23 January 2012

Flat out

I see from talking to David that he has had a busy weekend and today has been the same, we have been flat out all day today, since opening the door this morning until now, we have not stopped, the phone has been ringing all day with enquiries, bookings for hire boats and the usual, the tea room has been busy too over the lunch time and we have even seem several boats on the wharf for services!

The lads have all been busy on different jobs, Matt has started on Phoenix winter touch up, Mick has been on a rewiring job, Steve has started on a bit of a re fit and that has been the sum total of engineers in today except we have had a visitor in the form of Jim who came in today to help out with the blacking of a couple of boats that are on the dock that we have just sold, its amazing just how many people we end up with helping out, my two uncles came today to lend a hand, we call them the 'Chuckle Brothers' I think you can imagine from their name the sort of mischief and trouble they cause, at the end of the day they do help out and it is very much appreciated, all we need now is my dad to turn up and then we would end up with the three wise men, well more like the three musketeers!

One of the things I love about this job is the friends we all make in the course of our normal jobs and how nice they are and how funny they are, I know that David mentioned that everyone from work and several customers went out on Friday for a social evening, it was a shame I could not make it but I needed to go down to Southampton to do a job this weekend, this weekend saw one of our good customers and now friends Peter and Sandra, they came up and took Summer wine out for the weekend and I know that they all had a lovely time. We wont mention Lorraine, That's for another day!!

That's it from me for today

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