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Monday, 2 January 2012

The first day back.

The first day back to work in the new and what a day, I have inserted a couple of photos of the wharf this morning when I arrived, the sun was coming up over the junction inn and was a stunning bright orange just like you see in the spring and summer, once I had opened up I took a couple more pictures of the wharf with the sun still coming up in the back ground, it was warm, the birds were tweeting and the wood pigeons were cooing away merrily in the back ground, it is very unusual to hear the birds this early in the year and in the mooring. The basin was still and the water was like a mirror as you can see in the photo, no one was stirring and there are not many visiting boats at the moment and we have none out either so it was all quiet as I opened up the wharf ready for a busy day.
We have been on skeleton staff again today as its the first bank holiday this year and with no boats out and not much moving it seemed pointless in being fully staffed, Bernard was supposed to be in with myself and Cheryl, Angela came in at 11 just to see us through the busy lunch time period in the tea room, Mick was supposed to be off but he decided to come in and catch up on some of the backlog of gas safety jobs that are now piling up, I suspect that Bernard had forgotten that he was supposed to be in today as he doesn't normally work on a Monday, we will wait until tomorrow to see what he says! Back to normal as from tomorrow, normal opening times and the staff rotation is back to normal so we should see some more people in, although David has done well as its his days off on a Tuesday and a Wednesday so he has had a nice long couple of breaks this year, and some of the others have of course had the whole Christmas period off as one long holiday!

As I suspected its been quite a busy day we have had a few boats in on the wharf, we have seen plenty of people looking at boats and the Tea room has kept Cheryl and Angela busy most of the day, over the festive period we have sold two boats so it just shows that it pays to be open! We could do with a few more to sell so if you are thinking of selling do give us a call.

As we are closing at 4 o'clock today that's it from me.

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