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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frozen hands

I know I said yesterday that it was going to get warmer but I didn't say when but I really d hope that it is sooner rather than later, I have been in the office for most of the day but my hands are still like ice blocks, I have had to go out side several times today and when I have returned to the office my hands have been painful they have been that cold, I feel sorry for any of the lads who have been working outside today, upon arriving at work this morning (a little later than usual, but that is another story) I noticed that the main canal had frozen over from last nights sub zero temperatures but amazingly a boat had been through and there was a seven foot wide channel down the middle of the canal, it just goes to show that there is still some movement on the canal early in the morning at this time of the year!

It hasn't been an overly busy day today, not many people around and the phones have been quiet, I have caught up on everything that was outstanding for me to do, I can now turn my attention towards advertising and promoting, jobs that often only get half of my attention because of more pressing jobs, the lads however have all been busy, poor old Fred has been outside moving boats by himself for most of the day as well as humping some coal to some good customers at one of our local pubs, Bernard has been in engine rooms all day, Mick has been doing the winter maintenance on Ember, its amazing just how much wear there is on the boats, but Ember did have a good season last year, Matt has been applying paint and poor old Steve has been working outside on the moorings, not really much more to report about today so I will say goodnight for now.


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