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Monday, 16 January 2012

Has winter finally arrived

Has winter finally arrived I asked my self as I approached Norbury this morning, the roads were covered in a heavy frost and upon my arrival at work the boats looked like they were covered in snow, it wasn't snow just a very heavy frost, something I haven't seen before,it wasn't a haw frost just very thick frozen moisture, the main canal was free from ice but the arm down to the dry dock is still frozen, I see fro David's previous blog that the arm was frozen over the weekend and it hadn't thawed, the temperature is set to remain below freezing tonight but as the week progresses the forecast is for it to warm up, the temperature did get above freezing as the sun came out but in the sheltered areas the frost remained all day and that includes on the lane leading to work, so if you are planning on visiting Norbury then take care on the approaching lanes.

Today has been a busy one ,we have seen a few people in and around today, obviously not put off by the cold, Joyce has had a few folks in the tea room, Matt has been doing painting on a couple of boats in the dry dock and he started preparing one of the new hire fleet for a touch up, Mick has been on several boats today doing gas check, a bit of wiring on summer wine which decided to play up when it was last out and Steve has been cracking on with the moorings with Arron, it looks like come this weekend the last of the boards will be put down and that pretty much completes the decking, there is still the gravel to put down, the electrics and water to sort out but the biggest job is nearly over, I will get some pictures of it once the last boards have been put down , it's been a big job and it's taken a lot longer that originally anticipated but then again what jobs ever go to plan!!
That's it from me for tonight so until tomorrow, I hope you all stay nice and warm tonight.

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