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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Was that it?

I drove home last night in sub minus temperatures, my drive was thick with frost the trees were heavily laden with frost and by golly it was cold, I lit a roaring fire, cranked up the heating, had a red hot shower and put my feet up thinking that today was going to be pretty much the same, however the forecasters certainly got it right for a change because this morning there was no frost, no ice, just sun, maybe that's it for the winter, lets hope! It has been really warm today, all day long and there was a lovely sunset over Norbury just before five tonight, and it is getting lighter longer now.

Been a busy old day, Matt finished off the painting of the boat in the dock so Fred, Matt and I have spent a couple of hours swapping boats and moving brokerage boats around and then Fred spent a while tidying up the boats in the basin, it looked like they had been tied up by a blind person as they were all over the place, we lifted an engine back in to one of the hire boats today and Bernard has been fitting that back up, Fred has been doing a bit of varnishing in between moving boats, Angela has been holding the Fort while I have been outside and Lorraine has been cleaning the boats, its a massive job at the end of their winter maintenance as they have also stood over the winter so they need a good going over before they go out, and they are starting to go out.

That's it from me for today

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