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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Well what a day it has been today...

Ange was off today so we roped Joyce in to give us a hand. The day started out with a plan! Joyce was going to look after the tea room and once it was all setup she was going to nip over and do a bit of cleaning on Reflection prior to the lunchtime rush. Lorraine was going to stay at the reception to take phone calls and look after the customers in the shop whilst I was going to catch up on some paperwork (brokerage mainly), but that soon went out the window. About 11am we had a sudden mad rush with walkers and cyclists in the tearoom that lasted for in excess of two hours. It was that busy, that I had to help out too as poor Joyce and Lorraine just couldn't cope with the number of customers. I have never seen the tearoom that busy in January during my seven years here! We coped, everyone got served in turn and we remained jolly :-) We did chuckle to ourselves that Ange had picked the right day to have a days holiday...

It quietened down this afternoon and Lorraine was able to get on and do some tidying and cleaning in the office and shop whilst Joyce looked after the steady flow of customers in the tearoom.

I've managed to get the brokerage paperwork sorted for Old Henry and she is now advertised on our website. This boat is ready to step onto and sail away. Click here for further details We have also completed on Patricia M and Lillian Rose. Heather Belle is under offer - just one day after I did all the sale particulars. Is the economic climate picking up???

Mick has been working away on one of our moorers boats, doing a bit of re-wiring and installing a four stage charger. Aaron and Steve have now got all of the deckboards laid on the moorings, as promised. I'll set to tomorrow organising some gravel.

I've still been battling with my computer. The damn thing has decided that it hasn't got a genuine copy of windows installed although we bought it pre-installed. I might have to take it to the doctors in Newport to get it fixed, but I fear that it is going to cost in excess of £100. If anyone's got any bright ideas, I'd be only too willing to listen (and learn)!

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