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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New day new start

Where on earth did all that rain come from in the night, I drove to work this morning in the pouring rain through puddles that were in places that I have not seen that much water before, we must have had a serous amount of rain in the night, the levels in the canal were also up today, it has rained on and off for most of the day, the temperature was bitterly cold this morning and I feared we would see some snow later however it warmed up considerably so I am glad, as you can imagine it has been a grey and dank day on the wharf but I cant moan as in general we have been lucky so far!

We welcomed Simon to the team today as a new engineer, Simon brings with him a wealth of knowledge from the motor industry, as well as having run his own successful business, and he has a passion for boats, he is currently building his own boat so if you see him around the yard give him a wave.

It hasn't been quite as busy today although Tuesdays can be a bit quiet but we have had enough on to keep us out of mischief, Bernard has been fitting anodes, sorting out a few jobs on Sphinx and has also been doing some safety certificate rectification works on one of the boats that was sold the weekend, Micky has finished with the re wiring job and has now moved on to a boiler fitting job, Matt is painting as usual and Fred is moaning, as usual, bless his cotton socks! He has been down in the dry dock blacking, varnishing and a whole host of other jobs on boats, the weather has been too bad today for Arron to crack on with the moorings but I am sure he will have a goo tomorrow.

That's it from me until tomorrow

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