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Monday, 30 January 2012

Stunning Monday morning

The forecasters said we would be having Artic conditions now, people were saying over the weekend that they had seen snow but we must be lucky as still we have only been having some good frosts over night and during the day the temperatures have picked up as the sun has come out to shine, my drive in this morning saw the temperature just dip down to minus one for about ten minutes and by the time had reached Norbury it had warmed up by two degrees, the sun over Norbury this morning was a sight to behold, it was simply stunning, a giant orange ball hanging low just over the buildings, it carried on shining all day long, i went out side at ten o'clock and the birds were making a hell of a racket, twittering and chirping away, I hope for their sakes it doesn't drop too cold, as I stood in the door way having a coffee and looking out over the fleet, you could have mistaken today for a day in the spring apart from the cold, the canal was like glass, not a ripple, not a stir, not a whisper of wind, smoke rising from the chimneys on some of the boats that had stoked their fires up, Stunning!

It has been a very quiet day today indeed, the phones have been reasonably quiet, the shop has been the same, the tea room has been virtually empty but there is always something going on here, Peter has been in today to do some promotional work for us, David has been in and out of the office today,he has been however trying hard to stay inside in the warm, but without much success, Micky has been on Pippin fitting the new Alde gas boiler that is required, Matt has finished off the painting on Sphinx and Steve has made further headway with the part refit that we are currently working on, so that completes the sum total of today's activities really, lets See what the rest of the week brings.

Talking of how quiet things have been, I was in Newport this morning and that too was very quiet, Sat morning I went to Stafford and that was uncannily quiet, the chat on Face book over the weekend has been quiet, where has everyone gone, has there been a national holiday and no one has told us!

I'm off home now for a nice quiet night in so until tomorrow

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