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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Squelching in mud

Ange organised a meal over at the Junction Inn last night; to which the majority of the staff attended, as did a number of our customers who were about for the evening. A great night was had by all and it was good to see lots of familiar faces and some old friends that dropped by to say hi. I think Joyce, Ange, Lorraine and I were last to leave (yes, we know we are dirty stop outs!). Ange, Lorraine and I also had to have a swift drink on Lorraine's boat before we retired for the evening... I think there were a few sore heads around this morning, but it was well worth it! (A big thank-you to Peter and Sandra Quick for suggesting the idea in the first place and I do hope you are enjoying your time aboard Summer Wine).

I also feel for our moorers now who are squelching up and down the moorings in the mud the has been created while we are doing the improvement works. My best shoes are now in a rather poor state after slipping and sliding up the towpath last night. I do apologise and the final length of decking will be laid tomorrow and we are making arrangements for the gravel path to be laid. I'll get on the case again on Monday morning!!

It rained hard in the night, which is much needed. The weather hasn't been too bad during the day, but it has been quite windy - that caused Bernard and Fred some trouble with shifting boats around! It has now dropped a bit cooler again.

Bernard and Fred have swapped the boats in the paintshop. Opal II is now out and sits proud with her new lettering on. Here's a picture of her on the Wharf this afternoon.

Mick has now finished the gas tests etc. on the hire fleet for the next couple of weeks. Today he has begun on one of two electrical jobs that he needs to get done before the end of the month and then he is off on a gas course to update his ticket.

Lorraine has been cleaning Ember today and covered the tearoom during lunchtime. Poor Ange has been in the shop for most of the day as I have been out and about completing a few jobs and talking to customers. Oh and I forgot - trying to fix my computer as it seems to be having seizure.

Have a good evening.



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