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Sunday, 8 January 2012


When I took Annie out for a walk this morning, the sky was clear over Norbury as the sun started to show it's face. All around the sky looked really threatening and we were lucky to have brilliant sunshine until about midday. Only a few miles down the road in Newport, Shropshire it was relayed to me that it was "tipping it down"! We had a few short showers over lunchtime and it has been a glorious afternoon and as the sun set a brilliant red sky suggests that tomorrow will be virtually the same. I must admit that a few clouds have gathered now, but the weather forecast is for temperatures to drop to about 7°C this evening. That's amazing for January isn't it?

Lorraine has been busy in the tearoom today with cyclists, walkers and customers from the shop. Ange has given her a hand at the busier times, in between catching up with paperwork and generally tidying the place up. I'm sure that items in this building have legs and get up and move as they always seem to end up in a different location to where they were last put. Maybe this buildings haunted, but I can honestly say that I've never seen or felt in this building. As for the docks... ... ... well thats a story to be told another day...

Mick has virtually finished on the shared owned boat that he has been working on and has gone back to gas tests. I've hardly seen him today, but I am sure that he hasn't been asleep...

I've caught up with loads of little jobs that I've wanted to get done. I've also made some amendments to the homepage of our hire website -

We also have another boat for sale. William of Ockham is a 35 foot cruiser stern narrowboat built by Liverpool boats and is in outstanding throughout. Virtually all of the appliances have been replaced within the last few years. She is ready to step onto and go boating! Full details can be found here.

That's it from me. Simon will be back in the office tomorrow and will no doubt keep you up-to-date with what everyone is up to.

Until next week.

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