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Monday, 6 February 2012

White stuff!

Where on earth did that lot come from over the weekend, don't panic about your boats here at Norbury because we only had the lightest dusting of snow here but elsewhere there was a right proper covering of the white stuff, I was in the Derbyshire peaks this weekend and that didn't escape the snow, we had about 6" where I was staying and once we got up in to the hills there was considerably more, in one place it was up to my knees, thankfully this was only drifts and it did not impede our progress, today started cold but not really freezing like the weekend where temperatures were down to minus 10 at Norbury, in fact it was that cold in the Peaks that the drinks in my car had frozen over night! the day brightened up towards lunch time and know we have such a 'pea souper' out there, believe it or not I cannot see the British waterways service block on the opposite side of the canal.

Its been quite a busy day today, pretty much boring stuff really, nothing exciting has happened other than i have got to get off as I need to go and look at a boat stuck in a field that we need to organise a crane and transport to move, so that's it from me for today, I hope you all have a safe night if you are out and about.


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