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Friday, 3 February 2012

Makes a change

It does make a change when the weather forecasters get it right and they have certainly done so this week, it dropped much colder yesterday and last night was bitter, when i left home this morning it was measuring -6 in my car, it did warm up a bit by the time I arrived at work, it was -5 fortunately the sun has been beating down the rays all day and I mean beating down! it has lifted the temperature to a massive 0 degrees! It could get colder over the weekend, I hope you have all protected your boats against this cold snap as it might just have caused some damage if not.

Sorry I didn't write up the blog yesterday as we were incredibly busy, today has been a busy day but not like yesterday, Billy has been finishing off the shared boats and going around our fleet and running engines and heating systems up to put a bit of warmth in to them, Matt has been painting Windsor, Steve has been finishing off bits of trimming on different boats, Simon has been fitting a sump drain pump on to Debdale, that's a bit of an unusual design, the front deck drains through two metal tubes welded in to the front deck and then it goes through a central channel and to the back of the boat to the engine bilge, any water is then pumped out over the side with the bilge pump, unfortunately it looks like the central pipe has corroded which has caused the inner bilge to keep filling up with water, so we have fitted two new deck drains, some flexible hose which goes to an automatic bilge pump which is mounted in a box and then any water gets pumped out over the side of the boat, As long as the owners keep the filter clear it will perform perfectly, after Simon had finished fitting that he then went out to Phantom that decided it wasn't going to start for the people that are on it, once he had returned he then started an engine service on a private boat, David has been messing with his computer for most of the day ( I think it is just an excuse to stay in the warm!) Angela has managed to stay in the warm all day, me on the other hand have been out and about picking up bits and bobs for the boats and freezing my ........ off!

That's it from me for this week, I Hope what ever you are doing you have a safe and warm weekend.

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