Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The power of the written word!

David has mentioned recently how much more time both myself and David are spending doing promotional work for Norbury, this is being done in conjunction with a friend and customer of ours, Peter. Well it just goes to show that at last we have hit fame, well not literally, our new 'Norbury news letter' that we are publishing monthly is now being followed on Twitter by Timothy Spall, I am chuffed that he is following our news and blog, I think that the series that he did recently about his voyages around our coast in his barge was excellent!

I have finally removed my coat! At long last the temperatures are back up again and some warmth has arrived at Norbury, albeit a bit of warmth but none the less its better than the cold! Its been a bright day out on the wharf and the sun did put in an appearance at one stage, roll on spring time, not long now!

Its been a busy one today, I think that we have been blessed as we seem to be the only stretch of canal that isn't frozen solid, we have eight boats out in all and we have had reports that there is ice on the Staffs and Worcs canal but I have heard nothing form the other boats so they must have found some free water elsewhere, or are they all stuck out side the Anchor?

The lads have been busy, Simon plating the day boat as well as a few minor jobs here and there on other boats, Mick has had his head stuck in Pippin doing gas, Matt, well guess what, he has been painting another boat, Fred has been blacking and tidying up in the dock while Joyce has been spring cleaning and me and Angela have kept our eye on the shop and tea room, well I haven't relly been involved in the tea room, can you see me in a pinny!!

That's it from me for today.


  1. New series of Timothy and Shane Spall at Sea on the Princess Matilda starts 21st Feb BBC 4 at 8.30pm..

  2. To be honest I reckon a pinny would suit you, there again I do have a wild imagination.

  3. Thanks Malcolm for the heads up and I do worry about some peoples imagination!