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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Keeping an open mind

If someone asked me for just one thing that I have learnt since I started working here at Norbury some seven years ago, it would have to be "keeping an open mind". I wouldn't say that I used to judge people, situations etc. on first impressions, but I have learnt that you have to allow things to grow on you over a period of time.

The latest "platform" that has grown on me is Twitter... I first Tweeted (as it's apparently called by Twitterer's!) was back in August 2009 when I setup @norburywharfltd. I don't think that I pushed it as hard as I should have done as other things were on our minds. So by December 2010 I allowed it to lay dormant with just thirty odd Followers. So when Simon and I were approached and asked to start Tweeting again, I must say that I was a bit apprehensive. It soon became apparent that it needed someone else on our side and probably a new and improved Twitter profile, so we enrolled the help of a good friend who agreed to take on the job and knows what's what. The new profile just had to be @norburynewsnow, which fits in incredibly well with our first recent monthly release of Norbury News (available upon request Be it the weather, stoppages, restrictions, updates, news, offers, gossip - we've got it all. The good thing with Twitter is that it also sends Tweets via a text message to your mobile phone, so no matter where you are you can keep upto date with everything that is going on.

I must admit that I find it difficult to let go of something that I have helped to setup. There's also three of us now who are admins on our Facebook group, as it is just impossible for one person to keep on top of it all and keep up with the questions that we are asked - let alone letting you all know what we have been upto. My time is much more valued in the office these days, even being out on the yard seems to be a thing of the past - although Bernard and Fred manage to encourage me out on occasions. So if you haven't already, sign up with Twitter and start following @norburynewsnow.

Simon and I do try to write a blog each day, which I know Simon has mentioned in the past is just sometimes impossible. It's six o' clock now and I'm still waffling on about Twitter, but I just wanted you all to know that we are working hard to improve our service and try to offer some of the best prices available.

Talking of prices... Simon has been to a trade show in Birmingham today. He's been after new suppliers for the stock in the shop, so we can offer different toys, gifts and confectionery for this up and coming season. It's not easy, but I can assure you that we are working hard at it!

Anyway, I best be off home or else Annie will think that I have deserted her.

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