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Friday, 17 February 2012


I am always glad when Friday comes around as I usually get the weekend off but not this week as I am working this Sunday, but I am still off tomorrow though, Its been a very busy day today as we have had several boats turnaround and some of the hire boats go out as well, the tea room and shop have been really busy as well, it hasn't helped by the fact that we have had several large stock orders come in today which Angela and Loraine have had to price up and put out on the shelves.

As you can imagine all of the lads have been really busy today, far too much has gone on to try and keep you up to date with, to be honest even I don't know what everyone has been up to, with the exception of Simon, I know what he has been doing, he has been plating on the day boat, and he has nearly finished, and he has also made a cracking job of it! David has been a bit elusive today as he has been on every boat out side today checking to make sure all is done and sorted, he has only just come in to the office so we will have some catching up to do now.

Not really much more I can add so that's it from me for this week, I hope you all have a good weekend.

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