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Saturday, 4 February 2012

That was a cold one. Brrrr...

When I got up this morning the boat didn't rock at all and as I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth there was a large crack as the ice gave way and allowed Ant to lean slightly to the side that I was standing. After a strong cup of coffee I flung the doors open and let Annie out, she resisted at first and I soon realised why once I had put my boots on and looked outside myself. It was freezing... A good three inches of ice formed last night down the arm.

Simon has finished the engine service off on a boat that we have had in and then we've been lighting heating systems and checking boats over. The plummeting temperatures have certainly made the boats very cold inside.

Mick has done a few of the checks on the boats and has been working on a private boat this afternoon.

Ember and Debdale have been collected today and we have also got people in the cottage.

There's not much more to report really.

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