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Sunday, 12 February 2012

It’s an endless job moving boats…

It’s an endless job moving boats… We spend hours in a week moving boats around so we can swap the boats on both the Dry dock and the Painting dock. The ice makes the job even longer at this time of the year, especially when your fingers feel like they are going to drop off. The other alternative is to put layers of clothes on, but then the fear of falling in to the icy cold water and floundering around like a drowned rat does concern me. Not only is it easier moving boats with two people, it is also a lot safer if one of you slips or gets into some sort of trouble. I gave Fred a hand on Thursday and the following pictures set the scene!

Starting Reflections engine.

Using Reflection to break the ice up down the arm.

Nearly at the dock!

That's Fred enjoying moving boats!

When I went home last night it was freezing hard and I was shocked to awake to it being a lot milder today, although only 2 or 3 degrees. Subsequently it made shifting boats a lot easier. We docked a boat this morning for survey and then swapped it for a boat called Envoy which is on the dock for pressure washing and blacking. This boat has spent many years at Shebdon and is a boat that I’ve got a real soft spot for. Although she was built in the early seventies, a recent survey showed that there was very minimal wear on year hull. The good thing about older boats is that they tend to have lovely lines and they steer like a dream, which is more than true about Envoy.

Lets hope that the weather is going to warm up a bit now…

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