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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More On Power

Thanks Alan for a very helpful contribution towards my post.

While on the subject of power consumption and usage, I was giving consideration to battery performance and installations last night and I didn’t mention how poorly installed batteries can have a big impact on their performance, I am not a battery expert but I know enough to make a good job of installing them and how they should be looked after, I often find that batteries in a cruiser style boat last for a shorter period than batteries in a trad, I also know that warmer batteries give better performance than cold batteries, hence the reason why we sell more batteries in the dead of the winter, batteries are better kept in a dry warm environment, also they give much better performance when using top quality fittings and cabling too, on my boat I was amazed when I bought the boat to see the cable size between the starter motor and the batteries and the alternator, now bear in mind that I only have two 135 Amp Hour batteries but the cable size is 3/4" in diameter for the starter motor and 1/2" from the Alternators, The battery terminals are the post and clamp on type and I have no issues with voltage drop in the charging circuit, the wiring on my boat is amazing and it is akin to something that you would see in an airplane.
You would be amazed at the amount of boats that we see in with the owners complaining of poor battery performance only to find that the charging leads are barely attached pieces of string cobbled together with terminal connector blocks and on battery lugs with a clamp that resembles something that was used in the 18th century, batteries lurking in the bilges, and swimming up to their necks in oily water, no wonder they give poor performance, not only that but its also dangerous!
I know if I spend a few hundred pounds on something I want the best return for my money so I make sure I look after things and batteries should be no exception.

Its been a quiet day again at Norbury which has been good as it has given me the chance to catch up with some much needed work that has been outstanding.

That’s it from me for another day
until tomorrow

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