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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Coming and going

Some days you just don't know if you are coming or going, its been a manic sort of day today, one minute as dead as a Dodo and the next its been as lively as a lit fire cracker, we have not really stopped all day, Angela has been backwards and forwards between the tea room and the office while I have been dealing with customers, emails and the phone all day as well as looking after Fred and the other lads when they have needed something!

The weather this morning was glorious, the birds where on the wharf first thing, I reckon they thought that spring had definitely arrived early, the sun was coming up and as I was opening up this morning I looked around the wharf and thought how luck I was to be working in such a lovely place, as I write this blog its still light and it is lovely to drive home in the light and get home in the light, it wont be long now before its light at 6, then 7, then 10, wonderful and we will still be seeing boats moving until late, roll on them balmy summer days.

Until tomorrow.

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