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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Topsy-Turvy world

It’s a Topsy-Turvy World

If you want proof that the world is upside down, then turn to page 24 of the Towpath Trader section of this month’s Towpath Talk.

There you will find the Norbury Wharf full page advertisement standing on its head.


Well the reason is spelled out (the right way up) at the top of the page where it says: “In an upside down economy you can rely on Norbury Wharf to keep things on an even keel.”

The truth is that when prices are going through the roof, bankers are paid millions for getting it wrong and the rest of us have to suffer the consequences, including soaring prices, I think we are doing our bit to make it easier to ride out the storm.

Turn the page the right way up so you can read the advertisement properly and you will see our (FAME free) red diesel is still 77.9p a litre, and we think that’s the cheapest at a boatyard anywhere on the waterways. If you know differently lets us know.

And you will see that we are offering 110 amp-hour batteries at £64.95 each if you buy four. We also have good prices on 135 amp-hour as well.

Follow the link on the page to our website and you can see our deals on hire-boat prices (18% discount on one of our 10-berth boats) and our new-concept day-boat.

Competition features in Towpath Talk

We like Towpath Talk as it gets to readers other magazines don’t seem to reach and we are delighted that they are featuring our latest competition to win a day for ten people on one of our day boats – see page 93 – all you have to do is send us your favourite family recipe for a food of the past, along with the reasons you remember it so well. We will pick the one we like best and include it on our café menu with your name attached.

If you can’t check out a Towpath Talk you can get details of the competition from our website and follow the link to our new e-magazine Norbury News

Whilst on the subject of Norbury News you can also follow us on Twitter @NorburyNewsNow as well as join our Facebook page here:

What a fantastic day it has been, neither me or David have wanted to be in the office today as teh weatehr has been superb, the forecastors got it bang on today for our area and its been very warm and trhe sun has been out all day long.

Its been a busy day today as expected, boats swapped over in the dry dock and the wet dock, me David and Simon put the Day boats back in the water and Simon has been getting them up and running and finishing off the last couple of niggling jobs on the steel work and engineering, after pressure washing Fred cleaned up the car park so that we have plenty of room for our hirers and customers.

Thats it from me now until next week, I hope you all have a good weekend.


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