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Friday, 2 March 2012

another nice one

That's two days on the run where the weather has been lovely, it started again this morning with the sun hiding in the mist but it didn't take long for the mist to disappear to leave us with the sun high in the sky, however it has been a little chilly out side but that has not stopped people from paying norbury a visit today and trust me we have had our fair share of people on the wharf today, Its lovely at this time of the year when we start to see those people that have boats moored locally, they start venturing out on to their boats for the first time in the season, it is them that make our days so enjoyable, we have forged many good relationships with people that have become friends and its lovely when they pop in to say hello or give us some 'stick' (trust me they get it back)

Its been a very busy day today, poor old Ange has been that busy with bookings that she had to go out side at one point to clear her head as she thought it might just explode! David has been in and out most of the day and this afternoon he has been rearranging the boats moored on the main line, they are all now in their correct positions and for the first time since we have been here we will no longer have to venture up the moorings when it is busy just to tie up boats that have come adrift with the passage of the boats, we have had several boats go out today and things are picking up nicely, it will only be a couple of more weeks and we will be well and truly in to the season and we will then have boats in and out constantly at the weekends and day boats all the time(hopefully)

Well its Friday night and that's it from me here for the weekend,I dont get away without working until Monday though as I have to go and look at a boat for sale tomorrow which is a long way away but at least I wont be sat here in the office.
So until Monday, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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