Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 4 March 2012


The day has flown by today. It feels that no sooner did I come to work, it's time to go home again... We had a dayboat go out for the day this morning and soon after Bernard and I swapped the boats on the dry dock in torrential rain/sleet. Bernard has pressure washed that boat and removed the engine on one of the shared boats so some welding works can be completed in the engine bay.

Mick has been deeply involved on a private boat today.

Matt's been in to catch up in the paint dock and before he came in (whilst I was sheltering from the intense rain!) I took a couple of pictures. Here's Bounty in red undercoat, once the topcoat has been applied this will form the coachline.

And here's Defiant prior to a polish and blacking down to the water line.

Mick and Bernard have just got Defiant out of the dock and put Victory in to smarten her up ready for the fast approaching season.

Joyce, Lorraine and Ange have manned the shop and tearoom today and also managed to get the cleaning of Opal II finished off as she is going out tomorrow.

Not much more to report today. Have a good week and I will catch you next weekend.



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