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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Start of BST

Come on then... How many of you forgot to change your clocks last night? I meant to add something to my blog last night about remembering to change your clocks, but I forgot all about it as I had other things on my mind at the time (excuse the pun!).

Isn't modern technology a wonderful thing? My phone advanced by an hour on it's own, as did all of our computers, leaving just the analogue clocks in both the shop and tearoom to change. There's the one in the staff room too, but I don't see the point in changing that as no-one takes any notice of it anyway, haha!

It's definitely been the start of British Summer Time today. We have been incredibly once again. This has meant that we have had between four and five of the girls working in the tearoom all day. Lorraine's off at the moment on holiday, but we are looking forward to her coming back on Wednesday.

Talking about holidays, I have just received a text message from Simon. He has arrived at his destination safely and is sunning himself on the back of a boat - what he doesn't know; as he hasn't got any internet access, is that we are doing the same! The only thing we are lacking is the alcohol.

We have a whole host of boats for sale at the moment, and I have never known as many people looking at boats as we have today. I've taken a deposit on one that has only just arrived and it hasn't even been advertised!

I've managed to catch two more staff today so you can put faces to names.

Firstly we have Kim who only joined the team at Norbury last week. I managed to catch her on having a break before the made rush started this morning. She's recently returned to the UK from living abroad and has taken the position as our General Assistant and can be found working in the kitchen, cleaning boats and working in the office.

Secondly we have Denise. She thought I was only joking that I was going to take a picture of her and was somewhat shocked that I managed to catch her skipping across the Wharf. She is our head gardener. She can also be found helping out in the tea room of a weekend and cleaning the hire boats, amongst other jobs that we can find for her!

My ear's prick up as soon as I hear an old engine. I don't know how I manage to hear them from sitting in the office, maybe it's my sixth sense?? Anyway, the picture below shows Victoria which headed south today, on the way to Droitwich for the Historic Narrow Boat Owner's Club gathering over the Easter weekend. She was built by Yarwoods at Northwich around 1930 and is currently powered by a Lister JP2.

That's it from me today. I've got some friends coming over tonight, so I will enjoy a nice relaxing evening with them, sat out in the remainder of the sun. Let's hope that you are all doing the same.



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